Hi, I'm Tero Auralinna full stack web developer

I'm a professional front and back end web developer with an eye for solid UI/UX design.

Currently my coding passion is financed by Ambientia. Check my personal projects below.

Waudio Mastering - Creating the wow effect

Waudio.fi is a website for Waudio Mastering studio owned by Minerva Pappi. She has been a mastering engineer for over 20 years. First in Finnvox Studios then at Chartmakers. Now Minerva have launched her very own studio.

I designed and implemented a responsive one page website theme for Waudio. The site is implemented with popular WordPress platform which enables robust multilingual content management. Custom functionality were needed for recent projects and list of customers. Also Instagram posts were integrated to a frontpage.

Awesome web design from Tero Auralinna fulfilling all my requests. I highly recommend him! – Minerva Pappi

Visit site in English Waudio Mastering or Finnish Waudio Masterointi.

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