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I am an experienced web developer with an eye for a solid UI/UX design.

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Waudio Mastering - Creating the wow effect is a website for Waudio Mastering studio owned by Minerva Pappi. She has been a mastering engineer for over 20 years. First in Finnvox Studios, then at Chartmakers. In June 2016, Minerva launched her very own studio and needed a website.

I designed and implemented a responsive website theme for the Waudio Mastering. The site is implemented with the popular WordPress platform which enables robust multilingual content management. Custom functionality was needed for recent projects and a list of customers.

Awesome web design from Tero Auralinna fulfilling all my requests. I highly recommend him! – Minerva Pappi

Visit site in English: Waudio Mastering or in Finnish: Waudio Masterointi.

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How to use GitHub issues for blog post comments (with examples for Next.js)

I recently updated my blog to use GitHub issue tracking for the comments. The previously used Facebook Comments plugin didn't work so smoothly anymore, so it was time to evaluate alternatives. This blog post shows examples of how to integrate GitHub issues with Next.js.

Git commands reference

This post is mainly a personal reference for Git CLI commands, which I use more or less frequently. This will be living documentation, that will be updated from time to time. I mainly work with the command line. For merge conflicts, diffs, and patch selections I prefer VS Code's UI.

How to fetch your public photos from Instagram without the API

This post contains a short demo about how you can fetch your Instagram photos without the usage of Instagram API, which requires a user to authenticate. This technique is based on the <script> tag found from the Instagram profile page. Script tag has the data, which we will parse by regular expression.

CodePen embeds with Contentful and Angular

I use CodePens in my blog posts and recently I noticed that there is an issue which prevents displaying CodePen embeds correctly. I use Contentful to manage blog posts content. Contentful supports embedding content via Embedly. But for some reason, Embedly fails to show my CodePens in some cases. I couldn’t find the reason nor any way to load them. They just didn’t load. So I decided to stop hitting my head against the wall and make an implementation without Embedly.

Global HTTP request and response handling with the Axios interceptor

This is a short example of how to catch all Axios HTTP requests, responses, and errors. Catching is implemented with the Axios feature called interceptors. It's possible to catch all requests before they are sent and modify them. Also, responses and errors can be caught globally. For example, interceptors are useful when you want to modify request headers before a request is sent or you are implementing some kind of global error handling system.


Sunset with Bubbles

Sunset with Bubbles

Exploring the World One Sunset at a Time. Sunset with Bubbles is a travel and photography blog.

Highlights from the road trip around Finland: Koli, Kalajoki, Vaasa, and Rauma

This summer, we drove about 1700 kilometers road trip around Finland. Here are highlights from the trip.

Katajanokanluoto – tiny restaurant and excursion island near the center of Helsinki

Katajanokanluoto is most likely one of those islands which makes many Helsinki-Stockholm ferry passengers think, does someone live on that small island? This unique island is now open to the public.

Madeira Island: the Pearl of Nature at the Atlantic Ocean

Madeira is a popular year-round destination with a gentle climate and known for its beautiful nature. It's especially famous for its Levada network which provides great possibilities for enjoying the diverse nature and landscapes by hiking.

Night in the Tentsile Tree Camp at Vallisaari, Finland

Does it sound good to stay a night in a tree camp at the old military island which has been closed for the public until the year 2016? At Vallisaari in Finland, this is possible. Read on if this sounds intriguing enough.

Exploring Portugal: Porto

Porto is a fascinating, historic city. It's the second biggest city in Portugal, and its popularity as a travel destination is rising rapidly. Porto has given the name for a Port Wine which is produced in there.

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Kohokohtia Suomen road tripiltä: Koli, Kalajoki, Vaasa ja Rauma

Tänä kesänä teimme noin 1700 kilometrin mittaisen road tripin Suomessa. Tässä kohokohtia reissusta.

Katajanokanluoto – pieni ravintola- ja retkisaari kivenheiton päässä Kauppatorilta

Katajanokanluoto Helsingin edustalla on yks niistä saarista, joista varmasti moni Helsinki-Tukholma lautassa on miettinyt, asuuko siellä joku? Tällä ainutlaatuisella saarella on nyt ravintola ja se on avattu yleisölle.

Madeira: mahtava luontokohde Atlantilla

Madeira on suosittu matkakohde, jossa on leuto ilmasto vuoden ympäri ja uskomaton luonto. Madeira on erityisen tunnettu sen kattavasta Levada-verkostosta, joka tarjoaa retkeilijöille oivan mahdollisuuden tutustua saaren monimuotoiseen luontoon ja kauniisiin maisemiin.

Yö Tentsilessä Helsingin Vallisaaressa

Miltä kuulostaisi nukkua yö puiden väliin kiinnitetyssä teltassa, entisellä armeijan saarella, joka on ollut suljettuna yleisöltä vuoteen 2016 asti? Vallisaaressa Helsingin edustalla tämä on mahdollista. Lue lisää, mikäli mielenkiintosi heräsi.

Matkalla Portugalissa: Porto

Porto on kiehtova ja historiallinen kaupunki. Portugalin kaupungeista se on toiseksi suurin ja sen suosio matkailukohteena on kovassa nosteessa. Porto on antanut nimen Portviinille, jota tuotetaan Porton alueella.

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