Hi, I'm Tero Auralinna full stack web developer

I'm a professional front and back end web developer with an eye for solid UI/UX design.

Currently my coding passion is financed by Ambientia. Check my personal projects below.

Waudio Mastering - Creating the wow effect

Waudio.fi is a website for Waudio Mastering studio owned by Minerva Pappi. She has been a mastering engineer for over 20 years. First in Finnvox Studios then at Chartmakers. Now Minerva have launched her very own studio.

I designed and implemented a responsive one page website theme for Waudio. The site is implemented with popular WordPress platform which enables robust multilingual content management. Custom functionality were needed for recent projects and list of customers. Also Instagram posts were integrated to a frontpage.

Awesome web design from Tero Auralinna fulfilling all my requests. I highly recommend him! – Minerva Pappi

Visit site in English Waudio Mastering or Finnish Waudio Masterointi.


Tero Auralinna's blog about intriguing world of web development

How to build a complete form with Vue.js

Lately I have experimented with Vue.js JavaScript Framework. In this post I will show how to build a functional form with Vue.js. Forms are essential part of almost every web application so I wanted to see how to build a basic form with the following specs.

How to transfer the Angular server-side state to the client-side

By default, the Angular Universal app makes HTTP requests again when app is bootstrapped even app is already rendered on the server side. Though there is a really simple solution which can be implemented without any actual code changes. At first when I tried to find how to prevent requests I only found tutorials how to implement this at the component level. After googling a while I luckily found an easier way to implement this.

My web developer career story

I have worked in the web industry since 2005 as a front-end and back-end developer. I created my first websites in the '90s. Here is a story how I got tangled in the web and how I ended up to work as a web developer. There have been three major occurrences which have paved the way for my career.

All ngVikings 2018 conference presentation slides

I attended awesome ngVikings 2018 conference which was held in 1st and 2nd of March in Espoo, Finland. I gathered here all the presentation slides I could find. There is still few missing but I'll update the list if they become available.

Crop and resize images with CSS

Sometimes you don't have an option to crop images on the server side so you need to do cropping in the browser instead. Here are few examples how to create cropped image thumbnails using CSS only. All the examples are responsive and work for most image aspect ratios. Cropped images are scaled and centered to maximize visible area of image.

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